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How early you need to acupuncture for support IVF

Acupuncture use different stage of IVF offer different benefits. Research Shows Having 9-12 Acupuncture Sessions Prior to IVF Significantly Improves Live Birth Rates. If you want improve egg quality, it's better you start Acupuncture treatments 12 weeks before your IVF process. For lots of women who are 40+, 16 weeks before IVF process is highly recommended.

Some people would ask : if I will start IVF meds now, am I too late to start Acupuncture? The answer is : Better Do It Now! Acupuncture can improve blood flow directly to your pelvis, help relax to balance hormones, helping the retrieval, helping implantation to prevent miscarriage etc. So, based on these benefits, you should start Acupuncture even if you will or already start the IVF process.

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