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Does BCBS insurance cover acupuncture for fertility?

Insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company, Even you have BCBS PPO, what's the benefits is included inside your plan? The benefits is written inside your contract with the insurance. In general, if you pay more monthly insurance fee, the more you have better benefits. We will prepare proper forms for you to submit to your insurance company, the form will have ICD-10 Diagnosis code and treatment codes. If your plan cover Acupuncture, you will get reimbursement from your insurance company.

More and more insurance covers Acupuncture, especially cover Acupuncture for Pain management, such as cover Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain or headache. Some cover 12 sessions each year and they don't have limitation what you are seeking to treat. In one word, check your benefits or call your insurance to find out.

Most of our patients has the best jobs and the best insurance, but they prefer to pay out of pocket to see Dr. Yang has a reason. We offer the best treatment to earn our patient's trust.

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