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What's the difference between Western Herbs and Chinese herbal medicine?

Herbs grow under different climate and soil, will have different function, besides this, Traditional Chinese Medicine are more formula oriented, to the contrast, western world more understand herbs by it's individual functions.

Through about the history, Chinese Medicine mainly prescribed by formulas which compose normally ranging from 4 to 15 herbs. Chinese medicine believe herbal combination offer assistant system to build strong power for the healing. Chinese herbal medicine normally prescribed based on the goal of the formula's mission, it is always designed by the principle of classical theory. Because health and illness are dynamic changing, so the formula has to cope with current condition of the body. Different combination of formulas, create very special functions which single herb can not achieve.

Chinese herbal medicine are classified into different function categories, labeled with different characteristics and are used for team work style action strategies. There are a few hundred of herbs, and by selecting 10 or 12 herbs from them to mix together, it will create numerous formulas and this will affect the body in numerous ways. And Chinese Medicine use its principles to guide the formula, and it turns out great results.

Chinse Super Herbal Cocktail, Why?

Except western herbalist's choice of single herb, Chinese Medicine believe the power of combination, the art and secret are how the herbs are organized to perform team work functions. Chinese figure these out through many generation's practice and profound collection of historical literatures and various and numerous medical records in the past.

Add some herbs to your food

Some Herbs are sold in Whole Foods:

  • Gouji Berry

  • Raspberry

  • Ginger

Customize many kinds of herbs to make it a super Cocktail, is the way Chinese do for thousands of years. You can add some Ginger or Raspberry to your snacks or inside meals.

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