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How many herbs we use for Fertility

For the past 50 years, numerous modern research based on modern pharmaceutical lab works, clinical and experimental trails funded hugely by the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration, total of 2165 kinds of herbs are recorded for medical herbs which is published in the 8th edition of pharmacopeia published in 2009.

How Herbal Medicine are regulated in Beijing?

Chinese State Food and Drug administration have two guideline to help identify the safety and medicine value regarding herbal medicine. One type of category is called "Food Herbs" which means it can sell as food or sell in drug stores, some kind is known the the west, such as Ginger, Licorice, Mints, Dates, honey, papaya, roseberry, wolf berry, tangerine skin, lemon skin, crysthanamum flower, baby cinnamon bars etc. These plants have medical value and must used correct in order to offer benefits, they can cause issues if they are not for wrong indication. Most of these plants are widely sold in the US at organic food stores. But, Chinese have a long list of such kinds of plants which are not available in US food stores and we have all of them in our clinic. In general, we use this kinds of plants, including berries, roots, grains, beans, yams, leaves, flowers, seeds, dried fruit skins that have health benefits if use them by combinations according ancient formula and traditions.


Most of the herbs in our clinic are these kinds to boost fertility power. We limited our herbs for the highest safety and function, we carefully select 95 herbs to our patients, which we have great results for boosting power and keep safety as the top priority. Keep in mind, pick different kinds of herbs and create a new formula, these herbs will establish lots of different kinds of mixtures depends on the selection of the different herbs. Any adjust of any of the herb in a 10 herbs formula, will change the meaning and function of the formula, it will not only taste different, but also works differently.

Are these herbs help? Sure they do. I'm a strong believer since I was little, at the old times, I visit my grandmother in the farms, whenever grandmother think her chicken didn't produce enough eggs, she and I will throw a mixture of different kinds of grains, beans and herbs, then within two or three weeks, we harvest more eggs in our baskets. When I went to medical School, I observed same phenomenon, special herbs can balance people's hormones, uterus linings and increase quantity and quality of women's eggs. Lots of clinical and experimental trail studies had confirmed the healthy benefits of herbal medicine for promoting and strengthening women's reproductive system and male's reproductive system.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Call Dr. Yang or Dr Zhang for your specific questions.

  2. Text is the best way to reach us for fast response.

  3. You an ask questions, please Text: 847-832-0668

  4. We will answer you within half hour.


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